The Iceberg Theory – Biz Is An Iceberg

Your business is like an iceberg!

The iceberg theory is sometimes called the theory of omission…. meaning we don’t tell or (originally referring to the news) report all the details.

If someone knew in advance everything that we omit (hidden under the water) when talking about the business opportunity they may never join!

The Iceberg Theory

Sometimes the iceberg theory is taken too far. Omitting the minor details of running a home based business is fine, but minimizing the effort involved for success can also be part of your retention problem.


If you told everyone EVERYTHING – buy stamps, put together host packets, drive around town at night, get lost on the way to parties, work alone in your office, step out of your comfort zone, make a hundred phone calls for bookings and all the other challenges and problems you have faced working at home they probably won’t join but it is important to emphasize that you MUST work in order to get paid.

Stop saying it is easy and start to treat it like a viable business that takes effort!

Everything good involves effort!

This article on how to find amazing recruits gives more specific examples of what you SHOULD share when setting expectations for the new distributor!

If you say it is so easy that anyone can do it, right alongside their other activities, that bookings with their friends and family will fall in their lap and it is all about free, discounts and easy money, then….

When they start and then you ask them to come to meetings, recruit, and do two parties a week, and talk to you on the phone once a week, go to vendor events and make booking calls – they are going to be like – this is not easy!!

They’re gone!

Be honest with your recruits, and treat the earning opportunity like it is a business:

  • A business takes effort
  • We meet monthly for support and training
  • You cannot depend on friends and family – I will teach you techniques to find business
  • We go to vendor events every month for leads
  • Signing up reps is the best way to increase income

When you are honest about the efforts and don’t minimize it you will reduce the number of people you sign up, but will increase team retention.

Use the iceberg theory but don’t overuse it!

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