The Recruiting Process: 5 I’s

This month our Cash Flow Show Radio theme switches from online marketing and social media to recruiting.

Over the next 3 months all the shows and supportive blog posts will focus on the recruiting process, team development and moving up to leadership levels so plan on tuning in!

No one is born a good recruiter….

Becoming a dynamite recruiter is a learning process. When you understand the recruiting process, master it and teach it to your team, then you will create a caring and sharing organization!

The  Recruiting Process

When you get good at one level in the process you will have more chances to practice the next level.

The process of learning how to be a good recruiter requires you to become good at the 5 I’s:

  • Inform
  • Invite
  • Interview
  • Income
  • Increase Levels

The Recruiting Process
Inform: When you share enough information about the benefits of your business opportunity in a conversational manner throughout all your affairs you will then start to hear “windows of opportunity.”

Those windows are moments in time when you have been given permission to talk about your business.

Some windows of opportunity include:

  • How far do you travel to do shows?
  • Do you really make money?
  • Is it hard to get parties?

When you get good at sprinkling out the information and then recognize the moment in time when you have been given permission you will get to practice the invitation.

Invite: Address the question or ‘window’ and end your statement with “Have you ever thought about doing what I do?

When you say that often and get really good at it, you will start to hear objections AKA concerns. Answer those concerns with confidence and end it with a question that gives you more information.

Do that often enough and you will get to start conducting interviews!!

Interview: When you conduct interviews on a regular basis, either an on the spot interview or in a structured across the table situation you will start to get really good at answering the potential consultants’ questions.

Once you get really good at interviewing it is time to start to practice teaching your new reps how to make money!

Income: Getting your new reps off to a great start and teaching them how to generate cash flow quickly is key to retention. No one quits when they are making money. Focusing on bookings outside of friends and family and stressing that recruiting is part of the job from day one is the key to growing a team.

Once you start enough consultants well, it is time to start developing leaders.

Increase Levels: As soon as you bring in your new reps you start back at the beginning with information… the process starts again!

Once a rep signs on to your team you immediately start sprinkling information about the benefits of moving up the ladder into all your conversations and wait for the moment in time when they give you a clue about their interest in making more money with your company. The leadership interview is not all that different from the new consultant interview and once they move up, you teach them the ropes!!

The 5 I’s Of A Good Recruiter

Once you understand the recruiting process and develop the skills in one level you will get more opportunity to practice the next level.

Become an expert at putting out information and you will get to practice inviting.

Get really good at inviting and you will get a chance to practice interviewing.

Become an awesome interviewer and you will be called upon to launch your team members properly.

Start enough team members with a bang and now you can practice teaching them how to increase levels.

It goes both ways:

  • If you never develop any leaders then chances are you are not good at launching your reps.
  • If you never teach anyone how to get started then most likely you are not a good interviewer.
  • Never interview? Well, are you inviting?
  • No, well maybe you need to practice your sprinkling of information!

A good recruiter understands the recruiting process, develops the skills and teaches the 5 – I’s to their team!

Imagine a whole team of dynamite recruiters!

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