What Makes A Good Sales Rep?

Let’s think about this question:

“Who is the ideal sales representative for your opportunity?”

It does not really matter what your product line is, the ideal sales professional who will become a business builder and not just a product user has four traits in common.

What Makes A Good Sales Rep?

What would the ideal sales consultant for your home business look like?

What Makes A Good Sales Rep?

The ideal home business sales consultant for your business opportunity has these four traits:

  1. They already know how to network and have a networking system in place.
  2. They are not afraid to take risks.
  3. They already work on commission or understand the mentality of work today and get paid later.
  4. They see the value in multiple streams of income.

If we found someone like that  – wouldn’t that be the ideal candidate for our business opportunity?What makes A Good Sales Rep

OK, so you are saying now who the heck is that?

And where do I find people like that?

Here is the answer: real estate agents, car sales people, outside sales people, other network marketers, insurance agents, stock brokers, mortgage brokers…..

Getting good at knowing what makes a good sales rep is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.

I am sure that there are others, so go ahead and add more to the list.

  • TIP: Generally it will be anyone who has their picture on their business card.

Do you have any of those types of people on your team?  If so, I bet they are business builders!

If not, then think about why not?  Probably because you have never shared the opportunity with them.

These people already make an income by networking, and they have a huge net to work.

They understand what it means to create future benefits without necessarily receiving a check today, and they are not afraid to take a risk.

How To Find Good Sales Representatives

  • Pick a category.  Real estate agents are my favorite.

You may be into insurance agents or car sales.   Just pick a category based on a personal preference and start doing some research on the internet about your category.

  • Learn about some of the issues affecting that category now.

Learn a little about their hot buttons. Each group will have different issues and hot buttons, so become an expert on one category.

Learn the lingo of your category and learn about what current events are affecting them now.

In the process of doing this research you are going to run into directories of these people with names, phone, email, and sometimes event pictures.

  • Reach out to your ideal sales consultant. You probably ran into a bunch of directories while learning more about the category.

Online directories are usually divided by state.  Save these pages to your favorites and now you have an unlimited supply of leads online.

You can also find them locally at the grocery store bulletin board and in the local newspapers or calendars.

Cold calling is a slow process but it can work. Better yet though is to meet them at networking events!

Everyone in direct sales is looking for that one consultant that will skyrocket their business!

Make a plan to spend more time reaching out to people who have the qualities of a good sales representative.

Characteristics Of A Good Sales Representative

At this point you may be saying…. but I don’t think they will be interested!

You are looking for people with the qualities of a good sales rep, not someone who would sign up! If you do not seek out those with the characteristics of success in the industry then you will never find them!

If that was the attitude of Deb’s upline, then he never would have recruited the ONE consultant whose commission overrides paid the mortgage for 7 years!

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