Why Direct Sales? Direct Sales Benefits!

We recently received an email question from a reader who happened to find the Cash Flow Show website when researching Google using the keyword “direct sales“.

She asked “Why direct sales? Why not a work at home job for a corporation?!”

Why Direct Sales?

The reason why direct sales is different than working at home for a JOB is because when you work for a corporation they are still the boss.

When you work for a company that allows you to work at home instead of coming to an office, you may have some control, but most of the time they establish rules such as daily activities, quotas or even a set schedule that you must work.

Working for a company at home means you still work for them. Everything you do furthers their cause NOT yours.

14 Benefits Of Direct Sales

The direct sales benefits are many but a few that come to mind when asked why join direct sales are as follows:

#1 – It Is YOUR Business NOT Theirs!

Every decision or choice you make is furthering YOUR cause not someone else’s.

#2 – Solid National Branding

You have the benefits of working for yourself but you are not alone. Your company will promote the brand nationally and/or even around the world.

#3 – No Territories

Your business goes where you go. Move to another town and take your party plan business with you. Go on vacation… continue to work your business!

#4 – Not A Pyramid Scheme

Direct sales is a viable business model that is validated by quality products and worldwide associations and multi-million dollar companies. It is NOT a pyramid scam.

#5 – Ongoing On The Job Training

The nature of the business model is to support one another. Training is provided by the company and fellow distributors at no cost to YOU for as long as you are with the company!


#6 – Home Office Deductions

The legitimate direct selling tax deductions you receive working from home create an additional stream of income by way of allowing you to keep more of your money!

#7 – Affordable Start Up Investment

Similar to a franchise but capable of launching for small change, the start up investments can be as low as $10 and up to $2000. Even at the high end, there is no other business model you could launch for less.

#8 – Establish Your Own Priorities

Work and life balance is your choice! Faith, family, career – your life, your way!

#9 – Can’t Beat The Benefit Packages

From paid-for vacations to jewelry, FREE shopping sprees and even cars, the direct sales industry offers top notch benefit packages.

#10 – The Giving-est Industry There Is

Every party plan company has its own charitable giving program. When you are a direct seller you will always be taking care of a greater cause.

#11 – Unexpected Gifts

Every direct seller joins for one reason and stays for another…. increased self esteem, more friends, confidence, overcoming fears and more are just a few of the unexpected gifts you will enjoy as a direct sales rep.

#12 – Fun, Fun, Fun

I have never heard a direct sales, party plan consultant say I hate my job!

#13 – Turn A Profit & Make Money!

Yes – you really DO really make money in direct sales!!

#14 – The Sky Is NOT The Limit

This is the only industry that you can totally control how much income you earn. Whether you want a full time job, a part time income or just a bit of spare money you can give yourself a raise anytime you want!

That is why direct sales is better than becoming a work at home corporate employee!!


    Shared by: Sue Kaup:

    I so agree, Deb. As a retired woman, I love the flexibility of being able to work when I want at something I’m passionate about. With the amazing variety of direct sales companies around, there is something for everyone.

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