How To Increase Sales At Party

There are many party plan sales presentation tips on this site on how to increase sales at every show!

The topic seems to be coming up often lately in coaching calls and a recent email asking how to increase sales at the party prompted this post.

The most obvious way to increase sales at your shows is to improve the guest attendance. A good hostess coaching system will most effectively accomplish that!

How To Increase Sales At Your Show

Everyone talks about increasing sales in home business presentations by using the “up-sell” but few talk about specific presentation techniques that make your show more powerful.

There are some things you can do to increase your credibility at every show and therefore increase sales and cash transactions as a result.

6 Presentation Techniques

Every home party business consultant should take the time to study their presentation!

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These 6 simple party presentation tips will do more for increasing your income than any up-sell:

  1. Keep your show short: Your show should be 45 minutes or less.
  2. Use Feng Shui for business: By incorporating some basic Feng Shui techniques into your show you can drastically increase your credibility.
  3. Conduct a testimonial ice breakers and gather names: This has a dual purpose. Guests listen intently to their friends opinions and that will increase sales.
  4. The icebreaker also gives you everyone’s name and believe it or not, when you use 3-4 names during the presentation your sales will go up.
  5. Use more interesting adjectives: Your guest engagement and fun factor will increase when you learn some new adjectives. The fun factor will increase your sales average!
  6. Study the infomercial: An infomercial has 6 key components that increase sales. Incorporate the techniques used by the professional marketers into your party.

A few tweaks to your presentation and you will see an increase in party sales!


    Shared by: Nicki Keohohou:

    I love the feng shui connections… all the related articles are worth the click through!

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