End Party With A Call To Action

When I was 18 years old, I started my career in food service as a waitress. I was a good waitress because I always felt as though I was acting and on stage every time I walked out onto the floor.

I earned big tips and had repeat costumers asking for me when they returned.

The home show is a big stage and you are the actor.

When you become good in your performance by having a plan, you will be a more effective presenter.

A script is a plan. It is not the limit of what you will do. It is a plan that gives you the freedom to engage more.

Script Your Close With Call To Action

A script doesn’t mean you can’t ad lib, it just means you have a plan that is designed to generate sales and create an interest in joining your team or hosting a party.

Every consultant should be using direct sales scripts for the various parts of their show to become more effective!

Scripting out your “close” to include one or more calls to action will generate results.

The end of the show is the most often overlooked part, and along with the script to open the show, it is one of the most important parts.

Script The Party Close

The wrap-up of your show or your script to “close” the show should include the following:


  • Product recap: This usually would be your collections or other high price items.
  • A short talk on bookings: I would recommend linking this to the collections, i.e. “When you host a show you would get the whole set for half price!”
  • Sharing the opportunity: This can be tied into the prize drawing slip.
  • ”Thank you for coming and for inviting me to your home.” I use this as the lead-in to the prize drawing.
  • Gathering of data: Whether you use a prize drawing or get this info from the receipt, it is important to get participants’ names and email addresses. I do recommend that you do a written prize drawing specific to gathering data. This gives you another opportunity to mention bookings and recruiting.
  • Tell them what you want. I recommend a call to action that actually tells them what you want like: “I encourage you to check yes for more information on inviting me to your home or making money and having fun with Company XYZ.”
  • Tell them what is happening next. What do you want them to do? Where are you going to collect orders? What should they do next?

Whenever I visit another sales consultant’s show, I notice that the beginning and the end of the show are frequently overlooked in the planning of the presentations, and therefore are weak.

The home party show opening needs to grab the attention of the audience and set the tone for the show.
Learn About Direct Sales Book Of ScriptsThe show close should leave them with a call to action which includes what to do next, and an invitation to schedule a show or sign up to become a consultant.

A good close will increase sales, bookings and recruit leads.

Don’t just trail off into the sunset leaving the audience wondering if it is really over and what they should be doing next.

When you write good scripts it will free you up to participate in the show on a more “friendly” level and become part of the room because you are relaxed and have a plan so you can enjoy the party.

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