Show Presentation Tip: Collections!

All home party plan companies have collections.

Collections are groups of items that can basically all be described using the same sales pitch but have different items within the group.

  • Dish Collections: They all are made out of the same material and have the same beautiful design but the different pieces set them apart. A gravy boat vs a sugar bowl vs the dinner plate.
  • Travel Bags: They are all for packing your clothes when taking trips. They are made from the same rugged materials but you can choose between the carry-on tote, the garment bag and or the rolling duffel.
  • Anti-aging Collection: Each product is hypoallergenic, makes your skin more supple and removes wrinkles. One is for your eyes, one for your neck and another for your whole body!

Your company has unique collections too! What are they?

Focus On Collections At Show Presentation

When you know what your collections are it is easy to talk about the whole group.

Collections should be considered as one item of a high price point because when you do it correctly you can sell each unique product within the collection to each unique guest.

show presentation

  • Know your collections
  • Talk about them as a group
  • Focus on collections in the beginning, middle and end of every show
  • Hold, pass or show the highest or most easy to sell item

When you focus on collections you are talking about the whole group in regard to its features and benefits but you should demonstrate or show either the most expensive in the line or the easiest to sell. You may want to also pass around one of those.

You do not need to have the whole collection with you. You hold, talk and pass around one high-priced item from the collection. Discuss it as a unique item and as it relates to the group.

Refer your guests to the appropriate page in your company catalog, talk about the collection as a group and share specific features of the high end/high demand one while referencing the collection.

You may say things like: “The full collection on page 27 has the exact same features as this XYZ – as can see it is perfect for…. ” but you are telling them why they NEED the top of the line.

People will buy down if they do not want it but if you talk about the middle or bottom item in the collection they will not buy up!

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    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Thanks for the reminder! The Campus Collection would be a good example for me. Different colleges, but all full-size warmers, and all benefit a school.

    Shared by: Kathryn Frankfurt:

    Thank you for your simple, practical direction. You are a great, accessible resource for me.

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