Use Feng Shui For Business At Parties

Feng Shui is an Eastern philosophy that has moved West.

Basically, Feng Shui is the art and science of being in harmony with your environment.

Everything is made up of energy, which affects a direct sales consultant’s ability to generate sales at their home party.

Use Feng Shui For Business At Parties

You can use some basic Feng Shui skills to create more income in your direct sales business.
feng shui for business success

Understanding that the consultant does not always have control of all the factors at her/his home party, your awareness of certain things can be used to create energy more conducive to a successful party and increase party plan sales.

These simple tips are presentation techniques that can have a tremendous positive impact on your credibility.

Feng Shui For Business Success Basics

  • Always have your back supported
  • Never stand in front of a mirror
  • Never present in front of a door or window
  • Do not stand on a mountain top

The above tips seem simple and yet at a show we often find ourselves jammed in front of the bay window, a mirror over the fireplace or in a doorway.
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  • Always have your back supported.

In every situation of your life: an interview, a restaurant, your direct sales show, a dinner party, when you can choose your spot and one spot is against a solid wall, then always grab it quickly before someone else does.

This gives you more credibility, more authority, and better energy in general.  Always have your back supported for better energy surrounding you.

  • Avoid Mirrors!

Mirrors are distracting and also put forth negative energy.  Whenever possible avoid presenting with a mirror behind you.

  • Don’t Stand In A Doorway Or In Front OF A Window!

You should always be able to see who is entering, arriving or walking in.  This is true in all cases.

An open door or window does not promote good energy for effective presentations.  Like a mirror, it is distracting to both the audience and the presenter.  Command control of the room by seeing who is arriving.

  • Would you like to live on the tip-top of a mountain?

In a war that may be a good place for a fort because you can see everywhere and yet it is a very vulnerable position.

Wind or a hurricane or lightning may strike at any time.  When you are presenting your home show, you do not want to feel or project vulnerability.

Try to avoid standing higher than your audience. This may happen in a situation of an outside party with a deck, or a sunken living room.

These are very basic Feng Shui business tips and yet they can impact your show tremendously.

When you walk into your next home party, take a look around and evaluate the energy of the room.

If your host has the card table in front of the bay window, ask if you can move it in front of the fireplace.  Or maybe you could close the blinds.

Sometimes there is no choice, but awareness is the first step and then making the best out of every situation comes after that.


    Shared by: Kim Glaspy:

    I LOVE the ideas from this, and had never thought about the importance of where I stand and how it could affect my sales and presentation! Not to mention how I am perceived. Thank you!

    Shared by: Linda O'Rourke:

    Hi Deb

    Just click my name to link to a post that I did using your ideas with a link back to your site.



      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for that, Linda – I appreciate that you created a unique article and linked back. That is the way it should be done!!!

    Shared by: Linda:

    Love these tips Deb. I had never really given it much thought but you are absolutely right. I am going to create a post on my site linking back to this. Thank you.


    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I love this! Yesterday I walked into a beautiful home to sell my purses. I am SO glad that I knew Deb’s Feng Shui tips because with the living room was arranged I had these choices of what to stand in front of: a picturesque window, a hallway, an open area leading to the kitchen, or the fireplace. Thanks to the advice here, I knew to pick the fireplace!

    I’m glad I was busy looking for a way to have my back supported so I wasn’t standing dumbstruck in awe of this home. (I think 3 of my house could have fit inside.) So thanks, Deb, for helping me look smart!

    Shared by: Robin:

    Great article on Feng Shei techniques. I listen to Debs MP3 whenever possible,they are very helpful for my business.

    Shared by: Nancy Rios:

    I never thought about how much feng shui can affect your audience during a presentation! I will keep this tips in mind. Thank you!
    Nancy Rios
    Thirty-One Independent Consultant

    Shared by: Nicole Walker:

    This is a great perspective to choosing your “position” when giving any presenation. Having your back supported really makes sense. I will definately be more aware of how I position myself in a room, not just at home parties but meetings, training, speaking…this applies to so many areas of my business.

    Now that I am aware of this…I recall 1 home party in particular where I was in front of a massive window. I was certainly not in command of that party – while my presenation is high energy and interactive, it’s pretty hard to compete with the children who were in the pool behind me!

    Thanks for this great information Deb!

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