How To Use Adjectives In Sales

When you incorporate a wide variety of adjectives into your home party the event will be more interesting and your guests will be more attentive.

Listen to this episode of the Cash Flow Show Home Business Radio as we discuss how the simple business strategy of using better adjectives during your show will keep your guests attentive, increase sales, bookings and recruit leads.

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How To Use Adjectives In Sales

Unique and varied adjectives will make your presentation more interesting and keep your customers focused on you.
How To Use Adjectives In Sales
Most consultants have a tendency to repeat their favorite word choices multiple times during a sales presentation.

  • This is my favorite…
  • I really like this…
  • This is my favorite…
  • No, I really like this…

It seems as though every consultant not only has their favorite product, but also a favorite set of words.

Think about it, what do you say at your show over and over again?

Start to incorporate new adjectives into your show.

Listen For New Adjectives

Write a list of adjectives.

Over the next few days listen to other people and jot down adjectives that you hear other people using.

You should be looking for cool and unique words. Listen carefully to professionals in other business fields.

  • Add the adjectives that people in finance use.
  • What adjectives do decorators or chefs use?
  • What kind of descriptive terms do people in hardware use?
  • What adjectives did you hear at the grocery store?

how to use adjectives in salesAnother place to find good adjectives is in your product catalog.

The home office already put time and money into describing your products and chances are they have a wide variety of interesting descriptions.

In those descriptions, you may find the perfect adjective to use for that item.

After you have an extensive list, start adding these to your show by linking them to specific items or pieces of information.

Even if you are not yet entirely comfortable saying the new description, start saying a few.

Marketing With Adjectives For Business

You will find that it becomes easier to market your products when you are using a wide variety of descriptors.

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Chances are your home office has already assembled an impressive list of adjectives in your catalog.

  • A dish with the opulent French vanilla glaze
  • The rugged carry-all bag
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Deluxe cheese grater
  • Royalty rich burgundy satin
  • Girly-girl satin undies
  • Handy cuticle remover
  • Seductive cinnamon aroma

Do you get the idea?

Notice that all of the above adjectives are not features of the product.

For example with a stainless steel whisk: Stainless steel is an adjective but it is also a boring feature of the whisk.

The feature of the product is usually only a good adjective if you can spin some humor into it. “This is titanium reinforced alloy” is such a ridiculous statement that you can say it and it will sound funny.

Generally, it is better to stick with adjectives that paint pictures or evoke emotions rather than features of the product.

So, now that you have a list of adjectives linked to all of your products and information, it is time to start practicing.

It is OK to use the same adjective with each product at every show.

Once you memorize your adjective list and use them at several shows it will become second nature.

It is a good idea to re-look at your adjectives every time a new catalog comes out.

Sales will increase and your shows will be more fun when the guests are more attentive to you.

Share Some Party Adjectives In The Comments!

It is good to listen to other peoples’ adjectives, especially those used in other industries.

Let’s put together a huge list of adjectives that you can use at your home party!!

Share some of your creative business adjectives in the comment box below so we all learn some new ones!!

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