Increase Guest Check Average At Parties

A talented home party consultant can easily increase the guest check average of their party attendees.
Increase Guest Average
Take these 5 strategies and make a plan to add them to your presentation one at a time over the next few shows.

  1. Always offer a choice:
  2. When talking about collections or groups of products demonstrate with the higher priced items within the collection and talk about 2 other popular selections.

    When you offer choices within a product group (knives, dishware, blush, moisturizer, canister set) you will appeal to more guests in the audience but don’t talk about too many or the decision will be more difficult.

  3. Use bundles in your presentation:
  4. Even if products are not sold as a bundle you should discuss them as bundles.

    “Using these three items together bring the best results!”

    Whether you actually offer a bundle package pricing is up to you, but discussing bundles will always increase sales.

    Act as if everyone buys everything in the bundle.

  5. Upsell:
  6. We often hear of the upsell… this is asking the customer to buy a more expensive product at check out instead of the one they selected.

    “You selected a great item…. the larger pack size is more economical, did you want to change to that one?”

  7. Cross-sell:
  8. Cross selling is often confused with the upsell.

    It is the process of offering companion pieces at check out. “Did you look at this product? It is a companion piece for the one you selected.”

    Read a related article on upselling and cross selling.

  9. Set the bar:
  10. Companies often set the bar for you. “Spend $60 and get a free XYZ!”

    If your company has set a bar use it…. say it many times during the show in different ways.

    If your company does not have a bar set, then set your own!

    “When you check out at $60 I add this popular product to your order at no charge!”

    “When you order this item, you would automatically qualify for a gift of this popular product.”

    At check out you can often use your bar as an easy upsell. “Did you want to add a $7 item to your order to get the free popular product?”

Increase Guest Check Average

Take a few days to mull over what you just read and the questions below.

  • What are your collections?
  • What are the popular items within it?
  • How can you bundle items?
  • What is a good upsell?
  • What is a good cross sell?
  • Where is the bar set?

All the items do not fit into these strategies but when you have a plan and know which ones do you will start to see your guest check average at the home party rise!

Think about it and make an action plan!

Please share below the answers to these questions in the comment section below!

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