Infomercial Techniques Sell!!

Did you ever watch an infomercial and by the time the show was almost over you were on the verge of ordering the product, even though when you started to watch you had absolutely no interest?

infomercials sell productsThe GTXpress101 can create an omelet, strawberry shortcake, pancakes, chicken cordon bleu, or stuffing (to name only a few) in minutes.

I am a trained chef and almost bought a GT Express the other night!!

For real! LOL I just felt like I could really use it!

Infomercials Techniques Are Powerful

Infomercials are powerful sales tools that the home party sales rep can duplicate to increase desire at the show.

Key Elements

Every infomercial has six key tools or techniques, that when put together in a systematic presentation always create desire for the product.Infomercial Techniques

Every infomercial includes:

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Repetition
  3. Testimonials
  4. Sidekick
  5. Urgency
  6. The Wow Factor

When you take all of those sales tools and put them into your home party business presentation, your guests will develop desire for your product, opportunity or services, even if they came to the party with little or no interest.

Product Knowledge: It doesn’t matter what company you are with: you are an educator.

You educate your audience in the benefits of your product or services. Your mission is to teach them how owning or becoming a part of your organization will enhance their lives.

Repetition: The amount of time you spend on a product should be in direct relationship to the value.

The collections, large price tag items, and your opportunity to schedule a show or become a sales rep, need to be repeated in new words throughout the show.

Testimonials: Solicit testimonials from the audience.

Tell stories of testimonials of people you know and/or past guests and quote outside experts.

Sidekick: Find a sidekick at your show.

It should be easy. Anyone who likes to talk. The host and/or past host is good, a loud guest, or the one who has all of your products. You bounce off of them. Bring them into the banter with questions and attention.

Urgency: You can establish a sense of urgency with monthly specials, expiring products, or even with a statement.

How about:
“It is only six weeks until summer, ladies, and this pedicure set will give you gorgeous feet and toes by the time you dig those sandals out.”

“You all will want to mark this on your order, so that it is in your kitchen by the time you are packing your cooler for the Memorial Day picnic!” Create a sense of urgency in a variety of ways.

The WOW Factor: “Look at that… I can’t even believe it myself!”

People buy emotionally. When people get excited, have fun and are impressed, they get emotionally involved. Bringing the WOW factor into your show and raising the excitement level will connect your guests to your mission.

Study Sales Techniques

Invite Deb

“Sales is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your product, service or opportunity.”
Deb Bixler

Study the art of presentation to develop systems that work. Apply those systems to improve your sales skills!

Share Tips On Infomercials & Party Plan

Please comment below with any tips that you can share on what you learned when watching and infomercial.

How can you apply the infomercial sales strategy to your home party plan business?

Check out a couple of infomercials and study the techniques used to create desire then come back here and make a comment about what you learned.

When you study successful sales professionals you will create a system to generate more cash at every show.
(I almost bought a hair weave once!!)


    Shared by: Donna:

    I watched an infomercial on buying & selling real estate in a down economy. It was pretty interesting to watch the system in play after listening to the training. The urgency was there — ‘I’m in my car driving from my office to my home, when I get home the offer will expire.’ Testimonials — both recorded by others and his picture-painting words of people he had spoken with that had changed their life using his system. The use of survey results to state that people will tell you this is a ridiculous product and that fear of failure will keep you from going for it. I think he used his car as a ‘sidekick’. He presented his ‘best selling’ books as his sign of product knowledge and authority. Interesting.

    Shared by: Kim:

    Great call. Watching infomercials in a whole new way. I can actually see the topics you discussed create the power in the advertisement. Thank You

    Shared by: Kim:

    OMG….I have watched a infomercial before and wondered how they could be so powerful. After last nights call I can actually see them use all of the 6 elements. I have already started to perfect my presentation which has been, until now, mostly product knowledge. How boring. Great call, Thank You

    Shared by: Karen:

    I agree with you that infomercials can really grab your attention. You can start out having no desire for the product being sold, by the end you just know you have to have it. Now I watch with a different purpose…using it as a learning tool to apply to my business. Thanks Deb for sharing such valuable info with us last night.

    Shared by: Sharon:

    Mission accomplished. Until now I don’t think I’ve ever laughed while watching an infomercial. You were right Deb, all 6 elements were there, heavy on repetition and testimonials. I have a class tonight on hormone balancing and my presentation will be filled w/adjectives. These gals are in for a fun evening! Thanks a ton, loved your call.

    Shared by: cyndy:

    I never thought about using the infomercial format for selling my products. These comercials sure do make you want to buy the product. This is surely a technique I will try at my next party.

    Shared by: Amanda:

    I’d never thought about infomercials as a good sales technique to use at my parties before. I enjoy watching them as well. Now I can’t wait to create one for my business!

    Shared by: Nancy:

    I like watching infomercials – they really are great at creating that sense of urgency! I very often find myself saying OMG I really NEED that!! Luckily I usually resist!

    Shared by: Cyn:

    I never thought about how an infomercial could be used to impact my business until tonight’s call. Now I just need to practice using it.

    Shared by: Melody:

    I actually like watching infomercial so I can study their techniques. Infomercials are a lot like sales letters and sales pages, they contain the same proven key elements just in a different medium.

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