Why Low Guest Attendance?

As we go through the changing seasons of our business we all face different, if not certain, challenges.

The most common ones for home party consultants, as they relate to the home show, are:

  1. Low Show Attendance
  2. Low Show Sales
  3. Not Getting Bookings From Parties
  4. Low Recruit Leads From Your Parties

Why Low Guest Attendance?

Let’s just take the first one: low guest attendance. We can talk about the others in future posts.

Here is a pretty short checklist with a quick inventory of why you may be having low guest attendance:

  • Are you hostess coaching using the 3-contact system?Hostess Coaching
  • Did you guide the host to invite 40?
  • Did you coach her/him to make the reminder phone call 2-3 days before the show?
  • Is your show longer than 45 minutes?
  • At past shows did people have fun?
  • Is the host telling everyone to bring a friend?

Take the time to evaluate yourself in these areas.

A long and boring presentation will always be a detriment to future attendance! Don’t get a reputation for being boring!

If your show is fun and not too long, then in most cases low guest attendance can be cured by improved hostess coaching.

You and your hostess are partners working together to make every show a success, but YOU are the expert!

If attendance is low it is up to you to figure out why.

Take a serious look at those questions and decide what to do to rectify the problem.


    Shared by: Susan Dugan:

    Great troubleshooting list and helpful. I am going to make this a priority in future shows.

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