Checklist To Troubleshoot Low Sales

Direct sales is a simple business but it is not always easy! Our business goes through stages which are pretty basic to all direct sellers.

The common challenges for party consultants usually relate to one of the following:

  1. Low Show Attendance – Read the previous post that included a checklist for troubleshooting low show attendance.
  2. Low Guest Or Show Sales
  3. Not Getting Bookings From Parties
  4. Low Recruit Leads From Your Parties

Let’s Figure Out Why You Are Having Low Sales At Your Parties

Low guest sales can be the result of several different problems.

Stop Having Low Sales

We cover all of these sales issues in great detail in the Cash Flow Show Home Party Plan Sales Training.

First let’s use a checklist to figure out the causes of low sales could be:

  • Are there 16 – 21 in attendance?
  • Is the show less than 45 minutes?
  • Are you having FUN?
  • Do you use a lot of adjectives?
  • Do you gather guest testimonials during the show?
  • Did you script your open?
  • Did you script your close?
  • Do you talk about collections as a collection?
  • Do you talk about higher price items?
  • Does everyone walk out the door with one of the easy to sell items?
  • Do you put the products in their hands?
  • Have you analyzed your price points?
  • Are the guests having fun?

If you said no to 1-3 of these items then you may just want to read more about the topics in the presentation category of the blog.

If you said no to 4 or more, then I recommend that you seriously think about buying the Cash Flow Show Home Party Plan Sales Training.

A good presenter studies their presentation….
Take the time to figure out why you are having low sales and make a plan to fix it!

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