Sylvie Drader – Make Connections At The Party

It is important to make connections at the party and become friends with the guests  so that they feel comfortable and have a good experience.

Sylvie Drader shares on the Cash Flow Show –Home Business Radio how to make your customers feel comfortable to increase the chance that they buy a product or book a show.

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Make Connections At The Party

Meet your guests at the door and make connections with your customers as they arrive, then incorporate Ice Breakers into the party to help them feel more comfortable and have more fun!

As you greet each person at the door seek out new friends and get to know them on a personal level!

At the beginning of the party run a quick get-to-know-you ice breaker.

Sylvie suggests that you go around the room and ask each guest to introduce themselves with their name and how they met the host. It is good for everyone to hear how each guest connects with the other guests. In addition this is an opportunity for the consultant to give more information about themselves.

Deb used to go around the room for introductions and ask each guest to name their favorite product. Any Testimonials from friends will help sell products!!

In addition both ice breakers make connections, increase the fun factor and also you learn their names.  Using guests’ names during the presentation will increase sales and bookings.

When you make a connection with each guest and also help them to make connections with the other partygoers, it will greatly increase the fun factor.

Sylvie Drader
Parties are a time out for us in a busy world!

Enjoy making friends and have fun!

Sylvie Drader, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

When people have a good party experience they are more likely to buy and have a party of their own.

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