Tip: Pass Products Around

Party plan sales will increase when you pass your products around the room.

One of the easiest ways to increase sales at your home party is to pass the products around so your guests can touch them.

Let The Guest Touch The Products

pass productsEvery consultant, in every product line should have a certain number of products that are preselected as your ‘passing’  products.
Use the same ones all the time!

When you arrive at the show, take a look at the room.  As you plan your set up decide where you will start and end the passing of products.

Make sure that the chairs are appropriately set up, and that there is a table at the end of the passing circuit so that the last guest does not have to get up to deliver them to you.  That is an interruption that you do not need.

As you write your script to open your show include a blurb about how you love to pass things around and how it will work.  Say:

“I love to pass things around so that you can look at them close up. I will hand them to you and if they get all the way over to the end and no one put them in their purse, then you can just pile them up on that table and I will grab them later.”

This puts a bit of humor into your show and creates an expectation so that they know what to do.

Pass Products Around & Talk About Similar Products

The products that you pass should support those that you talk about.

For example, you may have a big widget in your line and a small widget both of which have similar properties.

  • Hold, show and talk about the big one and pass the little one around while you talk about the big one.

Passing Products Get Dirty

When you pass products around they get dirty.

So, using the same ones all the time make sense. At some point you will need to replace them, but sometimes if they are not totally gross you can still use them by saying simple things like “I always pass this one around – it is never part of my display.”

When people have the chance to hold things they will buy more, stay more attuned to your presentation and be more attentive.

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