Pay Attention To Price Points!

It is important to think about your product price points when planning your presentation.

Don’t spend too much time on items that are not deserving of that much time.

The amount of time you dedicate to a specific product at your show should be in direct relationship to the value.

Tip: Highest Price Points Get More Attention

The higher price point items deserve more time.

If you think about it, the 2 products that have the most value in EVERY home party are the business opportunity and the opportunity to host a home party.
product price points
So, assuming you are already prioritizing the time given to those two ‘products’ then you should think about the other items in your product line.

I recommend a detailed analysis of your total product line. Set up a spreadsheet and put some time into it!

Do you know where your product price point breakdowns are?

  • How many items under $20?
  • How many and what items sell for $21-30?
  • Which ones are $31 to 39?
  • Have you listed your products ranging from $40-99?
  • Which ones are $100?

The actual numbers that you use are up to you and your business catalog’s pricing structure but the exercise will give you an eye opening awareness of where you should and should not be putting too much time.

This is covered in detail in the party plan sales training program, Create A Cash Flow Show, which also includes a spreadsheet sample.

Higher Price Point Items = Bookings And Recruits

The high end items, those on the very top of your product line, may not ever sell straight out, but are great for creating desire for the business opportunity or the opportunity to get free products at a show of their own.

Link your high end items to the start a business talk or the bookings talk to create desire!

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    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    This is so true! I have not sold a single leather bag outright for $200, but it creates desire to book a party and buy it for only $100! Where else can you get a leather bag, with a warranty, for that price?

    I like the reminder that the business and hosting opportunities are our most valuable “products.”

    Shared by: Amy Barnett:

    I did this exercise when I bought your cash flow show program and it really helped me to focus on the important products that helped with bookings. Thanks for the reminder.

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