How To Pick Items For Product Demo

Whether in a LIVE event or a virtual party the time in your show is valuable.

Make sure you are using it wisely…
The bottom line when deciding what to show is to ask yourself:

What value does an item bring to my show?
Sales? More shows? New consultants?

Selecting Product Demo Items

While an online party may not showcase as many products, the technique for picking the products to demonstrate is the same.
Bilingual home parties
Careful planning of every presentation will increase your show average, create desire for future shows and build your team.

Don’t waste time on products that do not further your goals… Sales, hostess benefits, bookings and sharing your business opportunity!

How do you decide what to take to your home party?

Criteria For Product Demo

Consider this list of criteria when planning your show and deciding which products to demo:

  • Collections:
    Product groupings should always get first billing as these sell each other. Once someone has a couple of the Longaberger pottery pieces or Pampered Chef Rock Crocks they want them all. Show and tell collections to get your clients hooked. Collections should be viewed as one item. They are a huge price point because as a group they create desire for more products, a party or even for joining your team. When sharing about collections show and tell about the most expensive but talk and sell the group.
  • Price:
    Always show and tell the higher-priced items. The amount of time you spend on a product should be in direct relationship to the price. Consider the overall pricing structure as well as the pricing as it relates to all items within a certain group. For example, a Mary Kay consultant would want to put more focus on the $104 anti-aging product as opposed to the $22 all-purpose moisturizer. A Steeped Tea rep may want to talk $50+ Ruba Teapot rather than the travel tumbler. The high end items are the ones that create desire for more parties or the opportunity! Think about the price points as they relate to your overall product line as well as other products within a collection.
  • Ease of Sale or Customer appeal:
    Is it easy to sell? If so demo it even if it is not a high-priced item. If it is easy to sell and get into every shopping cart then everyone leaving your event should have one! If it is something that will appeal to only a small number of people then leave it home.
  • Do you need it for the presentation:
    Every product line has certain items that cannot be left out. A makeup demonstration without foundation will not work!
  • Uniqueness:
    Let’s call these novelty items. Something that nobody will buy because they cannot imagine it, yet when they see it they will because it is so unique. Frequently these are items that are new trends and after a few months they become mainstream. The item will sell to those who want it because they are familiar with it, but at first no one ever saw one before. Novelty items wear off. Long term they do not usually remain a part of your show.
  • Seasonal Items:
    Anything that has the ability to establish urgency (this may even include monthly specials) should have a place in your presentation!

Everything you do, say or show at your party should be contributing to your goal.
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Personal favorites should not be an automatic entry into the show!! Your time is valuable and it is important that you use it wisely.

Take the time to plan your LIVE home party presentations and your Facebook Parties.

A well-thought-out product demo frees you up to develop relationships and have fun.

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