Party Tip: Remove Barriers

In order to be a more effective presenter you must move around!

Become a part of the audience!

When you move around the room more, your audience will be more attentive!

Move Around The Room

You cannot move around the room if you are standing behind the table, so the first rule here is:  do not stand behind your table.

remove barriersStand at the end (or in front) of the table!
Putting a table between you and your audience sets up a barrier which limits your ability to connect.

Like qualifying leads at a vendor event you should eliminate any barriers between you and the lead or customer.

In addition when you stand at the end of the table with your table closer to the wall, you now have the ability to move around the room.

Crowd Control By Moving Around

One of the easiest ways to keep the attention of your audience is to get closer to it.

When you have a crowd, moving around among them will keep them looking at you.

If there is a loud mouth in the group, then walking right up to her or him and talking personally to the loud mouth will keep control of the presentation.

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Simple Presentation Tip – Remove Barriers!

This presentation tip may seem ridiculously simple but it will give you so many benefits!

When you remove barriers you will:

  • Keep your attention of your audience
  • Make it easy to pass products around the room
  • No barrier means better connection
  • Easy to move closer to a loud mouth
  • Can see the whites of their eyes (look everyone in the eyes at least once)
  • Moving among the audience you become a friend

So, as you can see such a simple thing with a huge impact!

Do it from now on!

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