Seasonal Pumpkin Themed Party

Theme parties make for great meetings and fun home parties.

Any time you can add themes to your party plan training meetings or shows you will add fun, excitement and also a sense of urgency.

Market Pumpkin Themed Party In Summer

home party plan themeWhether you are using it for a team training meeting or a home party show theme the urgency will increase attendance.

A seasonal Fall pumpkin party is short-lived:

  • Start to create desire and urgency with your team by marketing a Fall theme one month ahead.  Attendance will increase!
  • Summer is the time to market your pumpkin theme party at your home shows.

At your home party now say: I have 2 show dates left for the “Pumpkin Patch Party”.  Bookings will increase!

The Pumpkin Patch Party Or Training Meeting

Think outside of the box on this one!

Even if you do not have any products that match the theme it does not matter! Everyone loves a theme party!

The theme can be totally based on decorations, attire, tips or it can be based on your product line that matches the theme.

The only thing you really have to do for the pumpkin patch theme party is have some pumpkins around and give some pumpkin facts or tips.

From there you can expand to be as extravagant as you want! (Really exotic may include pumpkin carving or pumpkin snacks.)

Pumpkin Facts Or Tips

  • When carving a pumpkin cut the bottom out instead of the top. That way it is easier to put the candle in. Just sit the pumpkin over the candle and make a small vent in the top for the smoke.
  • Want to get one more day out of a shriveled pumpkin? Put the entire pumpkin in a bucket or sink of warm water for an hour of rejuvenation!
  • Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg inside the pumpkin before putting your candle in to create a lovely pumpkin pie smell!

Pumpkin Themed Party – Team Training

You can weave your October meeting training into the pumpkin patch theme easily by having a workshop at the meeting on how to effectively use themes to create urgency at your home parties without disrupting the flow of your party plan presentation.

Theme parties do not have to have a product switcheroo!
home party plan theme showThe Pumpkin Patch theme could be as simple as telling everyone to wear orange or dress like a farmer and a prize will be given for the best pumpkin patch attire.

Home Show Themes

Having a different theme each month will create urgency at your home party.

When you market a seasonal theme that sounds like fun it will generate excitement for bookings and also attendance.

But you must plan ahead to market a pumpkin themed party!


    Shared by: Carole Brown:

    Deb.. I love your Theme Show ideas – just shared this with my organization. We forget that the “Retail Market” does this all the time… It is the “little things” that makes a difference.

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