Party Tip: Sell What Is Easy To Sell!

I am often asked how to decide what to show at the home party. A consultant certainly cannot take everything in the catalog…

It would be overwhelming for both the consultant and the guests.

There are many factors to take into consideration and they are covered in great detail in the party plan sales training program, Create A Cash Flow Show.

Quick Presentation Tip: Sell What Is Easy!

Always show what is easy to sell!

Now that may sound silly but the fact is that there are certain things that are easier to sell than others!
Party Tip Sell what is easy
A few examples of this simple strategy:

  • Kitchen Tools: It would be easier to sell a food chopper than a cookie press. (More people chop than bake cookies.)
  • Makeup: It is easier to sell anti-aging products than an acne cream. (More are concerned with aging than have acne.)
  • Bags: It is easier to sell a backpack than a business garment bag. (More people carry a backpack or know someone who does than travel with suits.)

This is not to say that the other products to not have a place in your demo but often we focus on our personal favorites which may not have universal appeal.

Chances are you know which product is easy to sell, so capitalize on that!

Write up a great pitch and make sure you put focus on the ‘easy to sell’ item so that EVERYONE at the show walks out with one!

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    Shared by: Jackie Hinton:

    I have not done any home parties yet, but when I do start them I will have to remember these great tips to use. Thank you for the tips.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    This also can apply to choosing a direct sales company. What is a product that everyone needs? You will have to narrow down your niche to find hosts and team members, but it’s great to represent a brand that everyone wants.

    Shared by: Carole Brown:

    Deb.. This is so true. We always need to ask ourselves – what will excite our customers.
    They need to “see” the products in their home

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