Short Shows Make More Money! YIKES-45 Minutes?!

Remember this:

For every minute your home party is over 45 minutes you are losing $1 in sales!! Keep your show short!

Keep home party show shortYour Home Parties Should Be Short!

People are busy! They have places to go, kids to bathe and things to do!

If you are having trouble with bookings then maybe your show is too long!!

  • Start on time! (15 minutes past the arrival time max!)
  • Your intro should be short or should be a icebreaker that elicits product testimonials and then those items do not have to be included in the demo.
  • Keep it fast-paced. Guests circle more items when you move faster.
  • Focus on higher priced items.
  • Talk about collections… groupings that are covering lots of products with one conversation.
  • The time spent on an item should be in direct relationship to its value.
  • Have your open and close scripted
  • Ask a helper to collect the prize drawings. Ask that they not be folded.

Short Shows = Higher Sales

party plan salesYour home show should be 45 minutes maximum!

Have you:

  • Scripted out your home party?
  • Considered which products are taking up time and not selling?
  • Created good descriptions?

Home Party Plan Business Training

The Create A Cash Flow Show is a system of party plan sales is a proven technique that helps you to create a successful home party.

It is a business training program that is specific to you, the party plan consultant!

Any consultant who is serious about her home party plan business should plan the home show!!

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