Speech Writing Tips

I recently got an email with the subject line “I have agreed to speak at an event, now what?”

Congratulations, Anna!

Becoming a free public speaker for lead generation is an awesome way to find business! It will really pay off!

Below are some speech-writing tips but the best tip I can give you is don’t write a speech!

Make a plan for the open and the close, then wing it!

Writing A Speech

speech writing tips

When doing a speaking event the shorter ones are harder. Regardless of how long it is, the format for planning your event is the same.

When you market yourself as a public speaker to groups and clubs you will find that the topics become routine.

Generally, you would only need 2-3 topics in your repertoire but don’t figure out what you will say until you have the job.

If you do not know your topics then read this article on how to get started in public speaking.

To Answer Anna’s Question – Speech Writing 101

Once you have figured out your topic and length of time for the event the process of ‘writing a speech’ is relatively simple.

Anna did say that her event was to be only 15 minutes…
Shorter events are harder.

For a short speech:

  • Decide your one take-away message or point.
  • Write your open to include your story. (A minute or so at most)
  • Bullet point your body.
  • Write your close to include a prize drawing and giveaway.

Do not write the body of your talk.

Script your open and script your close so that you are sure to share your marketing message and bio. It should include some content that will create desire for more but not be too sales-ey.

Make sure the close includes a call to action for more of what you have to offer.

Practice your open and close out loud before the event so you have it down pat.  Then work from the bullet points during the body of the program.

If you speech is longer you may have a take-away message for each 15 minutes of talk time, each with a couple of bullet points as reminders under it.

Speech Writing Tips

  • Use props, hands on, or write-draw on an easel if possible to engage them more
  • Move around
  • Tell stories
  • Don’t stand behind a podium; relax and have fun!
  • Get there early and network with the arrivals
  • Network after the speaking too

You are NOT there to provide a home party or be a sales person. You MUST add value to the audience and create relationships.

Remember the #1 tip of all the speech writing tips is to NOT write the speech!

You ARE an expert on your topic so you do not need to script out the whole speech, just the bullet points to work from.

Speaking gets easier!

Just use your first speaking gig as a learning experience. Don’t overthink it and have FUN!


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