It’s Important To Study Sales Presentation!

The simplest way to increase sales is to study sales!

All professional presenters study the art of presentation and you should be no different!

You are a professional, right?

Study Your Presentation!

Most party plan consultants never study their sales presentation!

It is such a simple concept…

It is free!
It is not time consuming!
You see immediate return!

It amazes me how few party plan consultants will take the time to do so!
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The Cash Flow Show Party Plan Sales System is what this site was named after!

We have many articles on this site that will give you tools to study or analyze your sales presentation!

Study Sales For FREE!

The following links are all FREE resources!

Observe Other Presenters: Simple as that sounds, it works!!

Why Infomercial Techniques Sell: A powerful sales tool, infomercial techniques work at the home party too! Understand them and use them!

Sales Analysis Tool: Record notes on each event that you do so that you can see areas that need improvement.

How To Analyze Your Product Line: Every product you have in your catalog is not show-worthy!

Feng Shui For Business: Sometimes a better show is as simple as the set up!

When you study sales techniques and your presentation you can boost your show average with very little effort!

I challenge you to study your presentation!!
Share in the comments which of these techniques you plan to do!


    Shared by: Vanessa Whitten:

    Such wonderful advice! I never thought about not standing in front of a distraction, I just looked at an open table and plopped down. I can’t wait to implement knowing my surroundings at 2 events this week!

    Shared by: Ashley Maynard-Tobin:

    Hello, I’m with Pink Papaya!
    Thanks so much for the great advice on the call yesterday, so many simple tools to use. I am going to study and watch other direct sales consultants at their parties, I got invited to a party next month and there I will watch how they present. I will also study the products better so I know which ones to present at the party. Thanks again for your great advice! I am going to be aware of where I stand as well, observe my surroundings at the place of my parties.

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