Customer Testimonials Sell Products!

If you have ever watched an infomercial you understand the power of customer testimonials.

All home party consultants should study the infomercial technique of selling! customer testimonials

Every infomercial has TONS of testimonials. If you want to increase sales…. and what party plan consultant doesn’t… then you should think about how to add more customer testimonials to your show so that you sell more products!

How To Get Customer Testimonials

There are lots of ways to add testimonials to your home party:

  • Testimonial Icebreakers: Open each show with a testimonial icebreaker

During your show open and after thanking everyone for coming, just say, “let’s take a minute and go around the room and get to know each other better… tell me your name and your favorite product.” Then when they say a product, you can ask them questions that give the group more information to expand the testimonial. Be sure to ask questions that give you the information you want. Good examples of follow up questions are:  Why is it that you like it so much? When did you use it last?

  • Ask during your show: “Does anyone have this?”

When someone does have it ask them questions to expand the testimonial like: What do you use it for?  What do you like about it?

  • Ask the hostess and/or past hostess to share what they got at their shows or why they scheduled one.

A testimonial from the hostess is powerful. She can give you a testimonial on how easy the show was to plan, what products got or is getting and why. She can give you a testimonal on how great the benefits of hosting are!

  • You can relay a 3rd party testimonials.

‘My sister bought one of these then called back and ordered 3 more because she loved how easy it made the job.  She is using them for gifts for all her in-laws.’

  • Give professional authority testimonials.

If your company has an in house authority quote them.  If not, quote outside authorities. “Dr. Oz says….. and our XYZ product is 100%….”

  • Quote past customers: Anytime you hear a customer say something good, make a mental note to include it in your presentation.

Always Expand Your Sales Testimonials

Whenever you hear a customer testimonial at your show ask questions to expand it. Don’t ask yes or no questions. Ask questions like:

  • What do you use it for?
  • Why do you like it?
  • When did you use it last?

Ask the questions that give you the information that you want. direct sales scripts

Script Business Testimonials – Increase Sales

When you take the time to script some of your customer testimonials and start sharing them at your parties you will definitely increase sales.

People will believe testimonials before they believe you….  Even if you are the one saying it.

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