Sell Unique Novelty Items

The purpose of your party plan sales presentation is to sell and a consultant who plans what they want to sell will have the highest sales!

Uniqueness sells!

Is there something in your product line or NEW to your product line that is so unique that no one has ever seen one!?

novelty itemsI would call these novelty items.

It is something that nobody will buy because they cannot imagine it, yet when they see it demonstrated they absolutely will buy it because it is so unique.

Unique Novelty Items

It is important to put some effort into learning how to sell novelty items.  They are often not the highest-priced items but often are well…. novelties for a short time!

Tap into that!

Frequently, they are all the rage and that rage does not last long. Recognizing that and putting a demo for the item into your show will capitalize on that newness!

I remember when I first started in party plan the new Fall catalog had a new and totally off the wall product that only cost $4.99.

It was a handi-dandy hand tool that cut paper. Totally unique and not at all like scissors –  no one had ever seen one before!

It was really for any kind of paper but I presented it as a wrapping paper cutter and made sure everyone in the room walked out with several.

The demo of the item was less than a minute. I introduced it, whipped out a roll of wrapping paper… whisk!

Cut off a full strip and handed several out to pass around the room saying that it was a great stocking stuffer and everyone needed to get a half dozen!

Increase sales sell novelty itemsIt was amazing!

It became a must-have item for everyone! I sold thousands in the two short months before the holiday deadline.

Unique Items Wear Off

Frequently novelty items are items that are new trends and after a few months they become mainstream.

Novelty items wear off.

Long term they do not usually remain a part of your shows because they are no longer unique and the item will sell to those who want it because they are familiar with it.

Once that happens chances are unless it is a high-priced item you do not necessarily have to or want to include it in your party plan presentation.

By the second year the item was still in the book but it was old hat. No longer a novelty, even other companies were selling it.

Don’t overlook the tiny unique products in your product line that are odd or new. Novelty items can really become an add-on sale item when you make a plan to sell it.



    Shared by: Bonnie Branch:

    I love this suggestion! I was thinking this would be good for limited edition items as well.

    What do you think?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Anything that can create an sense of urgency at a party is always good, Bonnie! Limited addition items, specials, monthly themes, etc. do that very well!

    Shared by: Carolyn Van Riper:

    This is a great idea to be used along with the ability to get a sense of urgency.

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