Super Starter Bookings Training – Team Fast Start

The Super Starter Bookings program should be included with every new party plan consultant’s kit!

In party plan nobody quits when they are making money! No one quits with a full calendar!

This program is designed to teach party plan consultants how to fill their calendar without depending on friends and family.

Home Party Bookings Training

Super Starter Training Leverages Leaders’ Time

The Super Starter Training program is for team leaders who want to leverage their time in training new consultants by enrolling every new distributor into the Direct Sales Bookings University.

If you are an individual who wants only one seat you should join the Cash Flow Show Direct Selling Training Club or buy the complete CFS program both of which include the Direct Sales Bookings University.

As a team leader you enroll your new consultants into the Direct Sales Bookings University as they join. Each distributor gets the same progressive learning series on how to fill their calendar – and how to do it quickly!

With a system in place to give your new reps the nuts and bolts of bookings it frees up your time to coach one-on-one with each team member.

The Super Starter Bookings Training includes:

  • 15 ‘Seats’ In The Super Starter Program
  • 16 Online Video Webinars (24/7 Access)
  • Handouts, Note Taking Guides
  • Audio Downloads
  • 63+ Ways To Find Business
  • Skills To Grow Comfort Zone
  • Stop Depending On Family and Friends
  • Team Training Forms, Scripts And MP3 Audios
  • Student 24/7 Access To Learning Center
  • Students Save Files For Lifetime Use!
  • Listen With Or Without An MP3 Player
  • A Full calendar Is GUARANTEED
  • Staggered Enrollment = As They Join
  • A Team Registration Page
  • FREE Leader Enrollment

Only $400 To Train 15 Super Starters!

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Leaders BONUS – Coaching Call With Deb

100% Guaranteed
Jennifer Voss
Fifteen consultants from my Thirty-One team just completed Deb’s Direct Sales University, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Bookings are not an issue any more!

Thank you for providing this awesome training, Deb!

Jennifer Voss, Thirty-One Leader

Leaders’ Super Starter Benefits

The biggest benefit to team leaders is the systematic and duplicate-able training of your super starters.

Your new distributors will get off to a great start without having to depend on friends and family. You will have a system of training that all the upcoming leaders will duplicate as their team grows.

  • More time for developing relationships with your team with personal coaching
  • New consultants get started quickly on booking shows
  • A progressive learning style that fosters leaders
  • Improved team retention
  • A proven system to find business leads

At only $20 per consultant it is the most affordable training you can provide! Think about how much time you will save!!

Set Up Super Starter University

Still not sure? Take the FREE version of the Bookings University to see the type of training your team will get!

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