2014 Blog Stroll – Sweepstakes Closed

Even though the sweepstakes is over you can still take the blog stroll and see which were the most popular posts of 2014.2014 Blog Stroll

The 2014 Top 10 Most Popular Articles

The top 10 most visited articles in 2014 are indicative of today’s focus on technology.

While we have a couple of return honorees there are several new to the list with a technology focus.

Start anywhere you want…

The Number 10 Most Visited Article On The CFSDirect Sales Presentation Techniques

New to the top 10 list, this article will improve your direct sales business presentation and sales.

Learn how and why to write a list of why your business is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

The 9th Most Popular Article: Qualifying Leads

This is another long article but a topic of great importance! Would you rather have 100 leads that do not answer the phone or 10 that call you first?

Learn How To Qualify Leads At Vendor Events!

Finding Business By TextingFind Business With Text Message

Showing up at #8 on the top 10 list is how to text for bookings! With over 2,879 unique visitors since it went live in May it has been a popular article!

Learn how to Find Business By Texting.

4th Year In A Row

Honored on the top 10 list every year, the #7 article on Direct Selling Income Tax Deductions gets a good bit of search engine traffic. Google loves this article!

#6 Impressive Showing

Pick A DateA post that did not even go live until September has shown a very impressive number of visitors.

Obviously, all direct sellers want to learn how to get the date on the calendar.

Read How To Get Them To Pick A Date!

#5 New Games Article

In past years we have had many games articles on the list but this year they all have been bumped off by technology-based posts.

Learn the Cell Phone Game to keep your guests attention!

Number 4 & 3 = Online Parties

Facebook parties and online parties are the trend now as proven but these surprise visitors to the top 10 list.Online Party Games

Between these two online party articles there were over 9,732 visitors in less than 6 months!

Online Party Games

Facebook Party Template

Gift Bags Come In At #2

direct sales recruitingA returning top post moved up the ladder to number 2 this year.

Gift bags will create desire at your show and provide you with a tool for sharing.

Read how to Set Up Your Recruiting Gift Bags

#1 Most Visited Post For 2014 With 27, 771 Visitors!

Drum roll please….
The number one most visited blog post on the Cash Flow Show site for 2014 is not a surprise!

Visit # 1 Blog Post 2014

Over 85 Direct Sales Booking Ideas
Always the hottest topic on the planet!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    We ALWAYS love comments but the sweepstakes is closed now~

    Shared by: Lauren Kelly:

    As always Deb…you are the best! Thank you for giving me the tools to make my business better each year!

    Shared by: Myra:

    Thanks for a fresh idea for Receuiting Packets. I love the ideas for an attractive & informative packet.

    Shared by: Deidra Puller:

    Fresh ideas to kickoff my 2015! AWESOME!!!

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    Love this giveaway. What great articles for helping to grow my business.

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