2015 Blog Stroll Sweepstakes: WINNERS Picked

2015BlogStrollSorry the 2015 blog stroll sweepstakes is closed but please read the annual blog stroll!

We always love comments!!

Take the stroll, read each article, listen to the audios, learn a few things, comment on each post!

Grand Prize Winner:
Mandy Voyce

Runner Up Prizes:
Jessica Brantley & Karla Jones get the Cash Flow Show Club annual membership & guest CFS Radio appearance.

I sent all the lucky winners an email so reply back to get your prizes!

Winners were picked randomly at a 3rd party site. You can verify your entry by visiting Random.org and entering your email.

If you want to read the sweepstakes rules they are here.

The 2015 Blog Stroll

There is a lot of information here so plan to read & listen to it all.

Come back tomorrow if you are not finished. Each link will open in a new tab so that you can keep this tab open and access the next article.

Don’t Rush!!

In reverse order, the top ten most visited posts in 2015 on the Cash Flow Show website are:

The 10th Most Popular Post

Games, games and more games!

What can I say – everyone wants games!

Check out over 300 games and get your games e-book!

#9 The Opportunity Gift Bags

The concept shared in this post is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University. Team Building Tips For Building An Effective Team

Using gift bags for your business opportunity creates desire, is a great prize drawing gift and also can be used when out and about as give always.

Learn how to make and use a recruiting gift bag at your parties.

#8 – How To Get Bookings When You Have None

First published in July – this post has seen an impressive number of visitors in 6 months!

So, you don’t have bookings? This article will assist you in trouble shooting what the problem is…

I mean really? What is the problem? Why don’t you have enough bookings?

Answer that question and get the next step to solve the bookings problem!

The 7th Most Popular Postdirect selling tax deductions

With 8, 884 visitors in 2015 – this article has been in the top 10 list for 4 years running.

It does well in the search engines for those searching the keywords “direct selling tax deductions”

Read what everyone wants to know about direct selling and tax deductions!

#6 Awesome Showing For Newer Post

This post on how to get your future host to actually pick the date also went live over the Summer and still placed on the top 10 list for the year!

Learn the words to use to get them to pick the date!

How To Run A Facebook Party #5

Everyone is jumping on board with Facebook parties to supplement their home party business.

That is the keyword – supplement – not replace the home party!

Learn a step by step approach to setting up your Facebook or online parties.

#4 – Don’t Do Cash ‘N Carry

vendor eventOne of my pet peeves – selling at vendor events and letting good leads walk by!

This post has been shared in FB a lot. I guest leaders want to get the point across to their teams.

Read why you should NOT be doing cash and carry at vendor events or trade shows.

17,837 Visitors Looking For Online Party Games

This post also does well in the search engines and is indicative of the changes in the industry.

Get people engaged in your online parties with 2 Facebook party games on this post.

#2 – A NEWBIE To The List – The Dice Game!!

2015 blog strollThis is the most pinned and the most repinned pin in Pinterest on all of our boards!

Brenda Smith, Clever Container called into the radio show to share her version of the Dice Game.

The Top 2015 Most Visited CFS Article….
94 Ways To Find Business!

No surprise here!find more party plan bookings
This page has been in the number one position for 3 years running and had 37,698 visitors in 2015!!!

Originally written as 41 ways to find business then it became famous for the teleclass Deb conducts with 63 ways to find business and the list keeps growing!

If you feel as though getting bookings is like pulling teeth you should take this page seriously because there really are UNLIMITED Bookings for those who want them!

So, that is it! I didn’t pick ’em you did! Enjoy!

The least that will happen is that you will learn a lot!

The Sweepstakes may be closed but we still love to read your comments!

Send a friend to www.CashFlowShowSweepstakes.com so they can grow their business too!


    Shared by: Karen Clark:

    What a fantastic resource for all direct sellers and a great way to kick off the New Year!

    Shared by: Crystal Nestler:

    I always find great booking tips from your website Deb Bixler. Thank you for sharing your wealth of direct sales tips!

    Shared by: Nicki Keohohou:

    What a great gift, Deb – It is an honor to work with you and have you as a part of the DSWA!

    Shared by: Kelly:

    This is great, Deb! Thanks so much – I can’t wait to dive into all of this. I’ve learned a lot from you in 2015 and excited to keep it going in 2016 – thanks again!

    Shared by: Savannah Jessup:

    Thanks for this Deb. I have read the one on bookings many times but always get more out of it when I go back!

    Shared by: Jessica:

    Deb, thank you for giving all of these links in ONE place and doing the countdown. This is a million dollar page!!

    Shared by: JoAnn Miller:

    I agree with Mathew, will surely read this more than one time to capture ALL of this

    Shared by: JoAnn Miller:

    Thank You sooooo very much for ALL these fabulous ways to help our business. Santa looook what else I received for xmas!!!! Yahooooooo!!!!!

    Shared by: Matthew Siviour:

    Realised a spelling error in my email address in my last post. This is the correct email. Apologies for the inconvenience Deb.

    Shared by: Matthew Siviour:

    WOW, fantastic way to put a spark and motivation into planning and launching into 2016 Deb.
    I will be reading each top 10 posts over the next week.

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