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This is our best shot at answering your FAQ’s for the technology features on the Cash Flow Show website and training events.
Topics Covered On This Page:

I Can’t Login To Cash Flow Show Clubs

  • Problem = Login To Membership Section And Sent To The Home Page

Log Out Some members experience ‘history’ issues depending on their computer settings.

If you go to the WordPress Admin page and login but get sent back to the home page look to the top right of your browser. If you see your picture or name then you are still logged in from a previous session.

Just hover over it and log out then you should be able to go to the WordPress Login Page and login with no problem.

Make it a habit to log out and each time that you are done you will never have trouble agian. Just hover over your picture on the top right of the screen and then click the log out button in the drop down before you leave.

  • Problem: I Am Logged In And Can Not Access Some Club Pages

There are several clubs and everyone does not have access to all the clubs. For example:

The radio show downloads and the Bookings University are part of the Cash Flow Show Club but do not get access to the Direct Sales Recruiting University. It is a separate purchase.

The Direct Sales Recruiting University does not get access to the radio downloads or the Bookings U. That is sold separately.

Sorry This Is Not Available

So, if you are certain that your club membership includes a certain page and you are getting this notice then you should Clear Cookies/History.

  • Problem: I Get Stuck In The Admin Section – You Have 2 Clubs

This could be one of two problems…
If you look at the top right of your screen and see your picture (as indicated above) then just log out and go to WordPress admin to login.

If you belong to 2 clubs and have 2 different login credentials for them, the website is getting confused who you are and where to send you.

If you login to one or the other and seem to be stuck in the admin section it is because your browser is holding cookies/history from a previous login to the other account.

  1. Solution #1: Clear cookies then close your browser and re-open it to login. (Learn how to clear cookies)
  2. Solution #2: Use 2 different browsers reserving one for each club membership. Example: Firefox = DSRU and Internet Explorer = Cash Flow Show Club (See the next section to download a second browser.)
  3. Solution #3: Do one of the above for now and send Deb an email asking her to combine your user accounts.

Download A 2nd Browser – Update Your Browser Or Flash Here:

Technology is fun but it is always changing. If you are having trouble with videos, audios or time outs when online make sure that your software is up to date.

Out of date software causes problems and is vulnerable to viruses. Software is updated for a reason and you should always stay current!

Download Internet Explorer Browser

Download Firefox Browser

Latest Version Of Adobe Flash

Update Your Internet Explorer

Update FireFox Browser

To Save A PDF

To Your Computer
Make a folder in your computer for your downloads.

  • RIGHT click with your mouse
  • Then depending on your browser you will either click “save” or “save as” or “save file as”
  • Then navigate to the folder on your computer, name them and save your documents.
  • You may then print them out as you wish.

To Your Tablet Or Mobile
It is impossible for us to know how all the mobile devices perform. Consult the help section for your particular device but try this first:
Click and hold the PDF link then save it to your device. Then go to your downloaded files and is should be there.

Clear Cookies/Browsing History

When you surf the internet your computer saves your history. Some people set their computers to automatically delete cookies at the end of each session, week or other predetermined time. Some computers do not clear cookies unless you do it manually depending on your settings.

If you are trying to login to a private website access area and even though you are entering the correct password you can not get access then your computer is confused because it is recognizing the history rather than the new password.

Don’t worry you are not deleting anything except historical records of where you were on the internet. The worst that may happen is that sites where you asked them to save your login information (like Facebook) may ask you to login again.

    1. Clear Cookies/Browsing History Internet Explorer: Go to the “tools” button in the top left of your browser bar; Check the boxes for “temporary files”, “cookies” and “history”; click delete; Close your browser and reopen it.
    2. Clear Cookies/Browsing History FireFox: Go to the “tools” button in the top left of your browser bar; Then go to “Clear Recent History”; Check all the boxes; Click clear now; Close your browser and reopen it.
    3. Clear Cookies/Browsing History Mobile: Every device is different. With browser open, go to your browser settings, then to history. There then should be a option to clear browser history. (Based on Samsung Galaxy)

Click To Contact Deb

If this page did not answer your tech question feel free to email or call: 717-751-2793

To Save A MP3 Download To Your Computer

Make a folder in your computer for your downloads so you know where to find them later. To save a MP3 file you will use one thse techniques depending on your operating system.

This Is How To Save An MP3

It is impossible for us to know how all the mobile devices perform. Consult the help section for your particular device.

Frequently you can not save an MP3 file directly to your MP3 player or iPad. You may have to save your files first to your computer then synch your library with your device.

  • PC Users:

To save MP3 downloads, right click on the link and “save link as” or “save as” then rename and save to your computer. AFTER you save it to your computer, you can move it to your MP3 player or listen to it on your computer.

  • Mac Users Read This:

Go to the link for the download and hit Control then click the link and a menu will appear allowing you open with iTunes (if that’s your MP3 player) or download the file to a folder and rename the MP3.

  • Apple – iTune Devices – Outside of iTunes:

I am not sure why iPhone has to make things so complicated but there are several ways to download an audio to your apple device.

  1. You will need Dropbox and an account. Get that done first.
    When Dropbox is installed and setup, navigate to the mp3 file, tap and hold the link and a pop up will display list of options, including save to Dropbox.
  2. Another method is to install iCab mobile:
    iCab mobile will let you download mp3 files directly onto your iPad and store them there. Additionally, you can play back mp3 files within iCab.
    Further, iCab offers Dropbox integration, which brings us back to the top.
  3. Try this article on how to download into an iPhone.
  • Google Nexus users and many others:

Just click and hold the link then save your download.

To Save A Video To Your Computer

Videos take up a lot of space on your hard drive so you may want to think twice about saving videos. It can take up to an hour to download ah hour long video depending upon your internet connection.

We do not recommend saving videos to mobile devices for that reason.

To Save A Video – Practice With This One:
This is a shorter video and should only take a few minutes to download then you can play it to insure you got it right.
Practice Download

  • Right click the above link
  • Select “save”, “save as” or “save target as” depending on your browser
  • Navigate to the folder you want to save it in
  • Name it
  • Save

How Do I Use Skype?

The first thing about Skype is that you need to have a Skype account. (Duh, Deb!)

  • Skype is free when used for Skype to Skype connections.
  • Skype to landlines has a very small fee.
  • Skype is the most affordable way to do international calling even when calling a landline.

For international radio show guests, or if you want to dial into a tele-seminar using Skype it will be pennies per minute from anywhere in the world. I called UK for a 30 minute call from Pennsylvania USA and it was only 43 cents.

If you are participating in a webinar then just use the voice over the internet connection to the Live Online Meeting service.

You can download Skype here
After downloading Skype just buy 10 minutes of land line time and call our conference bridge number or radio show international number from Skype just like you would on a regular phone.

If you want to test your connection and Skype skills give me a call! My Skype name is deb.bixler from Pennsylvania, USA. Send me a request through Skype and then an email so I know to go look for you:

Click To Contact Deb

If this page did not answer your tech question feel free to email or call: 717-751-2793

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