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Review of Traffic Secrets

The book Traffic secrets will give you every long-term situation handling and all the evergreen strategies that you might utilize for building an online list of followers and buyers. It does not matter which platform (Facebook, Google, Podcast, Twitter, Instagram, and many more)you will use to get the traffic in. 

  • Name of the author- Mr. Russell Brunson
  • Language is written in- English
  • Published in- Year 2020
  • Price of the book- $0
  • Pages the book has- 352
  • ISBN- 9781401957902

If you are planning to purchase the book Traffic Secrets written by the renowned author Russell Brunson and if you are still not sure if the book is worth a read or not then ensure that you are at the right place. This article will review the book for you so that you can take an informed decision.

What are the contents to share in this review?

Here is what this review article has to share with the audience: 

  • What is actually inside the contents of the book Traffic Secrets?
  • What are the likes and dislikes of the book?
  • All the things you need to know about upselling.
  • The bonus that the book will offer to the audience.

My aim is solely to provide you with every information that you need to know about this book of Traffic Secrets which will help you in understanding the fact what will you achieve prior to purchasing the book and whether you will be making the right decision or not.

Before we progress and you go to buy the book, let us take some time to know and read why this review is different as compared to other reviews.

What is the reason that you shall read this review?

If you think of visiting Google and searching for 'review of Traffic Secrets', here are what the results look like-

After you read among these options or search results, you discover that the majority of them are actually clickbait. The search results might give a brief introduction to the book Traffic Secrets, but, most of them review the portion inside of the book course written by the author John Reese.

All of you can go through my course of Traffic Secrets 2.0 review written by the author John Reese here and observe that these 2 versions are completely different.

Why should anyone of you read my review based on the book Traffic Secrets?

I do not ever review what I personally never use. So, I bought this book of Traffic Secrets and everything written here is totally based on my personal experience and it is not at all copied from the internet or someone else.

So, are you all prepared to find out the secrets behind attracting more traffic to your funnel? Without any further ado let us dive right into my review of the book Traffic Secrets.

Who is the author named Russell Brunson?

Do not worry if you are not aware of Russell Brunson, I am taking the charge of introducing the author to you.

Russell Brunson is an author, co-founder, and CEO of Clickfunnels which is a business name alternative of the company- Etison LLC. It is an educational and software company. They educate new small key business owners and entrepreneurs.

Talking about the past fifteen years, Russell Brunson initiated his first ever online business. He used to sell potato guns, e-books, video games, and supplements.

Russell Brunson has managed to sell over 4000,000 of his book's copies which are known as Expert Secrets and DotcomSecrets.

He and his entire team brought his company Clickfunnels just as low as zero and after 3 years, his software company is worth a million dollars say approximately. He and his team even helped out the struggling entrepreneurs and made more than ten thousand business lives change and see success.

In the year 2018, he managed to make over 3,000,000 dollars within a timespan of ninety minutes. He achieved this at a ten times faster rate of growth cons compared to Grant Cardone. You can view the visual recording of his presentation right here.

In the year 2020, Russell Brunson's training, software, and teaching have literally generated more than a whopping number of seven hundred and thirty millionaires at an exclusive club known as the 2 Comma Club.

What is the book Traffic Secrets all about?

The book called Traffic Secrets actually is a new release that is written by the author Russell Brunson. You can slightly get by the book's name that it was written by the author for helping people get their dream and potent customers or clients into their funnels and websites. You will certainly get more traffic if you can arrange more and more leads. Like this, you will be able to sell your services and products more and earn a lot of money.

In three sections in the inside content of the book, one will be able to find out twenty secrets that will surely help you in increasing your online website's and funnel's traffic every month.

Section number 1- About one's dream customer.

Section number 2- How can you fill the online funnel?

Section number 3- What are the hacking secrets you need to know to achieve growth?

All the books that I have come across or read in life, unlike any other person, have completely focused and researched every one of the trending tactics and this in fact can actually become irrelevant within a few months of any book publication. But according to me, the book Traffic Secrets will always be an evergreen piece to read.

This book of Traffic Secrets does not talk about the different technologies just like what other courses and books would have taught you before such as- 

  • Traffic generation is done with the help of editors like Facebook Ads.
  • Setting up Google Adwords or Google Ads campaign.
  • How will you use a research keyword tool and keyword spy?
  • Full explanation on how to set up an online platform for business.
  • How to perform retargeting of traffic?
  • Or anything similar to that.

As every type of system is vigorously and constantly changing, any kind of tactics known to us in recent times would render useless or out-of-date.

This book has got one particular strategy that the content genuinely focuses on and which remains constant throughout the entire book, including; 

  • Reach out by learning to identify your potent and dream customers.
  • Searching out where these target customers or clients are congregating or getting together online.
  • The book also focuses on how you should learn about the importance of working in your own pattern or way.
  • Also, this makes you understand how to purchase, buy, or spend money strategically to get yourself in.
  • This teaches you to create your own platform for publishing your work.
  • Teaches how you can integrate various other accounts of social media for creating a powerhouse of promotional activities.
  • Lastly, it also teaches you how to build your individual distribution list.

Thus, if the other online platform changes, this will still work for you. The book of Traffic Secrets will provide you with the insights into security and safety that you need to learn or pay attention to so that your traffic, leads, and business are all on stable ground. Prior to visiting or gaining knowledge about the deepest insights of the book's sections, you must remember that you can own this book of Traffic Secrets absolutely for free. Just that you will need to pay a very small amount of shipping price i.e. of 9.95 dollars.

What exactly is inside this book of Traffic Secrets?

The majority of people will say that others do not really make or read past chapter one of any such book. But, this is actually bringing a lot of shame because the author Russell Brunson did come up with some Gold and priceless content that is buried deep inside the book of Traffic Secrets.

A very interesting thing that will catch everyone's eyes is that Russel Brunson did not mention the chapters as 'chapters', but instead they are written in the book as 'Secrets'. You will get to read twenty of these 'Secrets' inside the current version of the book Traffic Secrets. Trust me, this name swap has got me to read deeper into it and I am sure it will catch the same interest.

Here are the insights about what is inside the book Traffic Secrets;

Section number one: This section explains the Customers of your dreams

In section number 1, you will get to learn about how you should identify who your exact, potent, and dream customers should be. In short, you will get to learn everything you need about who should be your target audience and where you can get them from (location or name of the platform). This will help you to get traffic and diverge the attention to your content for long enough so that you can tell them the story of your company.

Chapter/Secrets number 1 to Chapter/Secrets number 7 contains every explanation about how to do things step-by-step.

Now that we know about this, let us dive deeper into the book's content.

Chapter/Secrets number 1- Who can be the customer of your dreams?

In this DCS book, everything might feel a little confusing to you, especially if you are like me. This is because he has already talked about this topic even before mentioning it here. But, why did the author mention the same thing again?

I always try to learn and realize what the concept is by reading a book throughout. So, I realized after reading this book that the concept of the book's content is exactly the same as all the books. But, I also realized one thing after completing the entire book is that whatever I learned and the story concept behind this book are completely different.

Only one thing that I have learned after reading all the Chapters/Secrets is that if you really need your potent customers to visit your site, you should be capable of finding them online, might be in any other online platform. Also, if you wish to search online for customers that are potent, you need to understand all of them at a deeper level.

In Chapter/Secrets number 1, the author has taught all of us about the foundation or the fundamentals that we must know before diving right inside the book's content and how easy it is to get the customers of your dream on an online platform and the address of their online existence.

Here are a few things that I would like to share with you;

  • Do not worry if you own only one book i.e. the book of Traffic Secrets because every book that the trilogy of Secrets has was written by the author as an individual book with no connections or they cannot be considered as prequels or sequels. They are just stand-alone playbooks. Therefore, anyone can understand the concepts of all three books individually without even reading one after the other or every single one from the trilogy.
  • If you own all three books of the trilogy of the Secrets, you do not have to worry that whether all three books have the same concepts or not. Let me clear the air, that every book brings a new concept and lesson with it. I am very sure that it will be highly advantageous or beneficial for you.

You can go through the review of Dotcom secrets and Expert secrets here

Chapter/Secrets number 2- Where are your customers hiding? Dream 100

This particular Chapter/Secret will teach you how to locate your dream customer's location of congregation or hiding. Thus, you can easily seek them and once you get hold of them, you can pull all of them to your online website or funnels.

Once you are almost at completion of this section number 2, you will have to solve an exercise that contains a few questions that in general, you must ask yourself after completing this much of the book.

I felt that it is quite boring but later realized that these questions might help you to feel that identifying your target customers is much easier than you actually thought it would be.

Post this, the author will teach us about a fresh new concept known as 'Dream 100'. Dream 100 is a strategy that will help you as it helped the author and Clickfunnels to grow and sell thousands of the books he wrote and how it helped him to build Clickfunnels from absolute scratch to gaining in million of dollars.

It is fact that before building your own Dream 100, one must identify the dream customers first. In the book, the author mentioned that before asking how to attain huge traffic for the funnel, you should primarily ask where your potent customers are congregating or hiding. Trace the location first.

Chapter/Secrets number 3- Story, Hook, Attractive character, and the Offer

After you are successful in identifying the customers of your dream and building your own list of Dream 100, in this Chapter/Secrets you will get to learn how to dead STOP your target customers in the tracks even if all of them are scrolling or too engaged to scroll through the ocean of competitors. You will also learn how to make your customers concentrate on your story. Like this, your customers will be bound to take up on the offer you are providing.

In the other two books of the trilogy, the Expert Secrets and the Dotcom Secrets, the author has spent numerous chapters just speaking about this. The author now will be speaking about the process to develop a relationship between ads and traffic.

Chapter/Secrets number 4

The 2 ways by which you will be able to get a confirmation (message) right in front or instantly from the target customers, just to turn them to your traffic so that you will be able to message multiple times for free.

Chapter/Secrets number 5

The perfect type of traffic across the entire globe and the number 1 technique to safeguard the business against FB snaps, algorithm changes, or Google slaps.

Chapter/Secrets number 6

This is about an invisible 2nd funnel that no one is aware of. Only nineteen percent of the potent sales will occur the first time when your target customers will go through the funnel. This will entirely determine the rest eighty-one percent of your sales.

Chapter/Secrets number 7
You will get to learn the key to getting partners who will help you to promote your services and products and also respond to your calls and emails. They will also send their traffic to you for free. This is a very essential point, to get a partner.

Section number 2- You need to fill your online funnel

Chapter/Secrets number 8- You will learn how you can achieve traffic for free from platforms of other people who already has a congregation of your potent customers. This will lead them straight to your online funnel.

Chapter/Secrets number 9- You will learn to get down from the bizarre ride of roller-coaster traffic and get some consistency in the process of marketing. In the meantime, visitors will continue to stream your funnel. The author says that this is the backbone behind the growth of his company Clickfunnels.

Chapter/Secrets number 10- You will learn about a few three to five-minute everyday strategies that will help you to get the money out of your target customers on any social media platform that is not still following you. This will also teach you to assess the patterns for which they generally follow a site and then start engaging them with you.

Chapter/Secrets number 11- This will teach how you will use the largest social party to funnel the target customers in your direction.

Chapter/Secrets number 12- This will teach you to leverage platforms like Google for getting you customers or so that the customers get to find your site. You need not chase after them aimlessly.

Chapter/Secrets number 13- You will learn about the six steps required for creating incredible content that will serve the audience for their whole life. Your view numbers will also increase every day in this way.

Chapter/Secrets number 14- Now, you will get to know the key to being updated with the traffic trends. You will require this as your blueprint that will help you to look at all the new traffic opportunities.

Chapter/Secrets number 15- In this segment, you can learn to create your powerful show that will fuel every asset of social media that you require every week. By doing this you can repurpose it quickly into unique content which will fit on every social media platform.

Section number 3- You will learn to grow to hack

Chapter/Secrets number 16- You will get to know about how the hub-style page for landing makes the PR agencies push the traffic so that your target audiences are able to know more information related to you, your services & products, your company, and the ways by which you will be able to help them.

Chapter/Secrets number 17- There are 3 strategies by which you can tap into the distribution channels of other people so that you are able to plug your services and products directly into the brand new stream of audience.

Chapter/Secrets number 18- There is a five-step plan that will help you to build an army consisting of different marketers who will spend their money promoting your services and products exclusively for you. You just need to pay them if only they crack a sale.

Chapter/Secrets number 19- There are seven phases of your funnel that will convert your cold and stagnant traffic into your online funnel. They might not be even aware of your services and products but they will get turned into qualified, hot, and dynamic buyers who will sell by themselves behalf of you.

Chapter/Secrets number 20- There are 3 small growth hacking techniques that they modeled post the rapid growth of the tech companies.

Pros of the book, Traffic Secrets 

  • Make money- Most businesses wish to generate sales and leads. You will get every tactic and strategy to find your target customer and then attract them to the funnel.
  • Save time- The author took over fifteen years to master the strategy, concept, and tactic that he wrote in the book. So you can use this book and get results out of it in a couple of months.
  • Save money- One can spend a thousand dollars for the purpose of advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. You need to learn to spend your dollars in a more efficient and smarter way.
  • You can avoid effort and gain comfort- The advertising bids on different platforms will only increase with time. Thus, the strategy behind making a customer click on any ad can literally turn your daily life.

Cons of the book, Traffic Secrets

  • It is not a book on how to get rich quickly. In fact, it has real strategies for marketing that you might need for your own business.
  • It can take a long time to ship the book to you if you are not staying in the United States. It can take over 2 weeks & sometimes over a month for the book to get shipped to you.

Who is the target audience for the book Traffic Secrets?

This was written for the people who own a business or are new to the business industry, especially those who want to achieve cold traffic, increase online sales, and build a list of emails. Some of the businesses that this book might be beneficial for: 

  • Consultation or coaching
  • Small business or local business owner
  • E-commerce platform
  • Info products
  • B2B sales
  • Network Marketing
  • Non-profit
  • Freelancer or agency
  • Affiliate or blogging

But, if you are planning to find some short-cuts to get rich quick then this might not be the right book for you.

The bonus of Traffic Secrets

  • Foundation of the book- There is a video of the author talking about the traffic foundation & the framework one will need to fill the funnel.
  • The ultimate Dean Graziosi's unfair advantage- He is the author of books like 'underdog advantage' and 'success habits of millionaires. He has made a presentation on how he helps the author Russell to increase the traffic by four times.
  • Prince EA's ways to make any video viral- He has five million plus subscribers on Youtube and he will teach the simple methods of creating and crafting videos to grow your influence and brand.
  • Peng Joon's ultimate hack for traffic- He is the top-ranked affiliate of the author's company, Clickfunnels. A video of him about every possible shortcut is very popular.

You can receive the book absolutely free.

All you need to know about the upsell of Traffic Secrets

If we go deep into the book's funnels then we will get to see; 

  • Audiobook plus the hack for a perfect webinar, seven-day funnel launch (by Brendan Burchard), invisible funnels, and a report of funnel catcher.
  • Live training video of Traffic secrets.
  • The set of the trilogy.


This is mapping software that helps to funnel sales and for mapping your strategy, plan, and set goals for your profit. You can integrate this tool with different software such as Active Campaign, Clickfunnels, etc. Visit the website here.


Business insider says that:

Each year thousands of companies or businesses fail due to the low knowledge and expertise of the entrepreneur. Most importantly, the skill and art of finding the target customers are lacking in them.

This book of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson will give you every possible strategy, software, books, courses, coaching, e-commerce products, and supplements.

If you have any queries, then do inform me!

Get the book for free here.

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